Quality Policy

The basic objective of SOLVO’s Management and employees is to provide high quality products and services in the area of life sciences through biological and biotechnological research activities, striving to meet the requirement of interested parties in accord with the international quality requirements of authorities.

SOLVO’s Management aims to:

• establish favorable working conditions for employees

• continuously improve expertise and support the development of employees

• support internal trainings, communicating the quality policy

• to improve professional and informational connections between divisions

The QAU executes quality management tasks in his/her authority and responsibility. SOLVO QAU aims to establish a rational and transparent system that enables SOLVO processes to move forward and improve. For this purpose, SOLVO’s Management declares, that the content and obligations of SOLVO QM is compulsory for SOLVO employees and subcontractors involved in quality influencing activities to meet the requirements of interested parties.