With 20 years of experience and 600 customers in more than 40 countries, SOLVO Biotechnology is the leading provider of transporter services and products. Leveraging our expertise in efflux and uptake transporters, SOLVO generates quality reports for submission to FDA/EMA. From small molecules to protein therapeutics, SOLVO can test all your transporter needs.

Drug transporter Services and Products from the Expert!

  • Over 100 solutions for a wide range of transporters
  • Uptake transporter assays
  • Efflux transporter assays in cellular and membrane-based models
  • Transporter Consultancy Services
  • FDA- and EMA-ready reports
  • Ready-to-use Kits
  • In vitro and in vivo methods for studying transporters in the BBB, intestine, liver and kidney
  • Custom assay development