Science Letter

November, 2017
A NEW SET OF TOOLS for investigating species differences in MDR1- and BCRP-mediated drug transporter activity
April, 2017
Assessing In Vitro Toxicology Using Hepatopac® Micropatterned Co- Culture (MPCC) Of Primary Hepatocytes
April, 2017
Investigate Enzyme-Transporter Interplay Using Hepatopac® Micropatterned Co-Culture (MPCC) Primary Hepatocytes
April, 2017
Metabolite Identification Using Hepatopac® Micropatterned Co-Culture (MPCC) Of Primary Hepatocytes
April, 2017
Metabolic Clearance Using Hepatopac® Co- Micropatterned Culture (MPCC) Of Primary Hepatocytes
November, 2011
Cross-validation of in vitro and in vivo assay systems for assessing P-gp interactions at the BBB
April, 2011
Overexpression of P-gp (MDR1) does not confer resistance to its selective substrate Seliciclib
October, 2010
Possible role of the BCRP multidrug transporter in rheumatoid arthritis therapy
March, 2009
PREDEASY Mouse Bsep ATPase assay
December, 2008
Agrochemicals interact specifically with human ABC transporters
July, 2008
Implications of BCRP in disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs resistance
June, 2007
Cholesterol on the rescue: HT screening of ABCG2 transporter - drug interactions
November, 2005
In Vitro ABC Transporter Assays for Nutrient Absorption and Drug-Nutrient interaction studies
September, 2005
Effects of flavonoids on P-Glycoprotein activity
August, 2005
Our first Science letter: Efflux transporters: boon or blight for big pharma?