MEEX Speaker

BAJAJ Piyush, PhD

BAJAJ Piyush, PhD

Scientist II, Investigative Toxicology, Drug Safety Research and Evaluation, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA


Piyush Bajaj got his PhD from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Dr. Bajaj then did a postdoc at Los Alamos national lab (LANL) developing organs-on-a-chip which could be used for both efficacy and safety assessment. After his postdoc at LANL, Dr. Bajaj moved to Pfizer where he developed/validated protocols for generating human pluripotent stem cell-derived three-dimensional (3D) kidney organoids and was involved in de-risking of potential target organ toxicities using physiologically relevant in vitro models. Dr. Bajaj is now a part of Takeda’s investigative toxicology group where he co-leads liver and kidney de-risking strategies which are applied for proactive management of potential safety liabilities of compounds in the discovery stages.