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FANG Zhizhou, PhD

FANG Zhizhou, PhD

Laboratory Head Drug Transporter, Senior Scientist II, DMPK, Abbvie, Ludwigshafen


Dr. Zhizhou Fang has a broad background in different scientific areas. Originally a chemist by training with an emphasis on inorganic chemistry and chemical engineering, he has received his PhD from the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Physiology, where he has specialized in protein biochemistry, assay development and medicinal chemistry in the kinase field. His patent on the iFLiK technology describes how environment-sensitive fluorophores can be used to detect conformational changes associated with ligand binding. He is currently the head of the transporter lab at AbbVie in Germany, where his team supports projects in the early discovery phase to optimize lead candidates, as well as late development projects in the clinical stage. His current focus is on brain penetration, transporter kinetics and modeling.