MEEX Speaker

FONSI Massimiliano, PhD

FONSI Massimiliano, PhD

DMPK Director, Citoxlab, a Charles River Company, France


Dr. Fonsi is currently responsible of the DMPK department at Citoxlab, a Charles River company, with a role that is both managerial and scientific. He has more than twenty years’ experiences in drug discovery and development and particularly in the field of drug metabolism and metabolism mediated toxicity and DDI. Before joining Citoxlab, he worked at Merck MSD, UCB, Addex, where he has actively participated in the discovery of Zolinza, Isentress, Niraparib, Grazoprevir and other candidate drugs currently in clinical phase. His area of competence covers both discovery and regulatory ADME, including toxicokinetics.  Dr. Fonsi is actively involved, in collaboration with academia and biotech companies, in developing new in vitro ADMET models (essentially for hepatotoxicity and thyroid toxicity via (secondary) hepatic enzyme modulation) for the determination of likelihood of human adverse outcomes using complementary in vitro and in silico models for interspecies extrapolation. Dr. Fonsi has been member of the scientific committee of the French “Groupe de Métabolisme et Pharmacocinétique” (GMP) congress in the recent past. Starting from 2019 he is also member of the steering board of the GMP organization.