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KEOGH, John, MSB, CBiol

KEOGH, John, MSB, CBiol

Independent DMPK Consultant, JPK Consulting , Hitchin, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


John Keogh (MSB, CBiol; is an independent DMPK consultant with JPK Consulting. His client base includes UCB Chiesi and Astellas. He has over 25 years drug development experience with Glaxo SmithKline (GSK), and whilst here was a key player in the development and application of transporter science expertise to facilitate drug discovery and development. He is an industry expert in membrane transporter science and strategies, is experienced in interpreting and contextualizing DMPK data to solve issues and challenges in drug development, and in refining strategies in this emerging scientific discipline. He has a wealth of specialist expertise in the evaluation of drug-drug interaction challenges, notably in the drug transporter field. John’s client services include training, practical advice on assay development and interpretation, and assistance in regulatory document preparation. John is a champion for excellence and education in the transporter field, publishing and lecturing regularly. He is an active member of a team currently working on a comprehensive volume of transporter sciences for publication in the RSC Drug Discovery Series in 2015.