MEEX Speaker

KRISHNA Sanjeev, FRCP, ScD, FMedSci

KRISHNA Sanjeev, FRCP, ScD, FMedSci

Institute for Infection and Immunity St. George's, University of London London, United Kingdom


Sanjeev Krishna has developed new diagnostic approaches for infections and increased understanding of their pathophysiology as well as improving treatment modalities. His research has focused on infectious disease, particularly malaria, with a special interest in transporter proteins – the targets of existing antimalarial drugs as well as potential new drug targets. His wide-ranging research has spanned clinical trials of antimalarial treatments, mechanisms of drug resistance, and identification of the likely target of the current first-line antimalarial treatment, artemisinin. He has also identified transporter proteins as valid targets for new drug development. His research has fed into international guidelines on malaria treatment and global surveys of antimalarial resistance. He also has a strong interest in diagnostics, and, in developing an affordable point-of-care diagnostic device for drug resistance as well as identifying infections. More recently he is studying how to repurpose artemisinins (the discovery of which one this years Nobel Prize in Medicine) as cheap, safe, effective and affordable treatments for cancers.