MEEX Speaker

HUISMAN, Maarten, PhD

HUISMAN, Maarten, PhD

Principal Scientist, Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson, Antwerp Area, Belgium


Maarten was driven by ‘doing something useful for patients’ and studied Biology at the U Groningen, and obtained his PhD in 2003 at the Netherlands Cancer Institute focusing mainly on the role of multidrug transporters on the (pre)clinical pharmacokinetics of multidrug transporters. He then worked as a post-doc in a small biotech company, HepArt (academic spin-off), aiming to develop a bio-artificial liver. In 2006 he joined Janssen Pharmaceutica in Belgium (Johnson & Johnson) as a study director of pre-clinical DMPK studies. In 2007 he became team leader of the In vitro DMPK lab team and the In vivo DMPK lab team (2010). From 2007 to December 2011 he led the Center of Expertise on Drug Transporters within J&J. Since January 2012 he was accepted in an internal 2-year program, called Bridges, to also gain experience in drug discovery and to keep bridging the Discovery and Development parts of the organization. In 2014, he continued in a role in Discovery Sciences.