MEEX Speaker



Lab Head, PK Sciences Department, Novartis, Basel


Dr. Poller has been employed at Novartis since 2010 as a laboratory head for in vitro drug transporter studies. Dr. Poller is interested in the interplay between transport and metabolic processes in the areas of clearance IVIVE, drug-drug interaction assessments and drug classification systems such as the EC3S. He contributed to the establishment of novel methods for hepatic and renal IVIVE as well as for intracellular concentration-based risk assessments of drug-induced cholestasis. In addition Dr. Poller acts as DMPK expert in cross-functional project teams during (pre-)clinical development and is familiar with PBPK modeling software for clinical DDI simulations. Dr. Poller received his Ph.D from the University of Basel, Switzerland focusing on cellular blood-brain barrier models. He continued his research on efflux transporter interplay at the blood-brain barrier as a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Dr. Alfred Schinkel at the Netherland Cancer Institute in Amsterdam. Dr. Poller’s academic and industrial research projects resulted in 20 peer-reviewed manuscripts and he gave presentations at several scientific meetings.