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REBOUL Emmanuelle, PhD

REBOUL Emmanuelle, PhD

Head of the research axis “Bioavailability of Micronutrients” in the “Human Micronutrition” team of the “Cardiovascular and Nutrition Center of Marseille, France


Dr. Emmanuelle Reboul received an Engineer diploma in Nutrition and Food Sciences from Agrosup Dijon, France in 2002. During her master degree and PhD thesis in the INSERM* laboratory “Human Nutrition and Lipids” in Marseille, France, she studied carotenoid, vitamin A and E intestinal absorption. She then joined the working group of Dr. R.S. Molday in 2006 at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada to work on ATP transporter molecular functioning.

Back to Marseille, France since the end of 2008 in the “Nutrition, Obesity and Risk of Thrombosis” laboratory as a permanent INRA** Researcher, she currently focuses on fat-soluble micronutrient intestinal absorption and membrane transport. Her group was the first one in the Word to discover a fat-soluble micronutrient membrane transporter at the intestinal level and still has a leading position on this topic.

She has received several awards for her work including the PhD award of the French Lipidomic Group (2007), the Price of the French Academia of Medicine (2007), the Pepsico International Travel Price (2009), and the Research Prices of the French Nutrition Society (2010 and 2015).