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Senior Scientific Director, Head of the Transporter Sciences Group,  Pfizer (ADME Sciences, Medicine Design) Groton, CT


Dr. Rodrigues has been in the pharmaceutical industry for 29 years and now serves as Senior Scientific Director, head of the Transporter Sciences Group, at Pfizer (ADME Sciences, Medicine Design, Groton, CT). Before joining Pfizer, he worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck, Abbott, and Searle (serving on both scientific and managerial ladders). He has authored nearly 20 book chapters, over 150 peer-reviewed manuscripts, and has presented at over 70 symposia/meetings. Dr. Rodrigues was inducted as AAPS Fellow in 2009 (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists).  At various times, he has served on the Editorial Board of drug metabolism journals (e.g., Current Drug Metabolism, Drug Metabolism Letters, Xenobiotica, Drug Metabolism & Disposition), is a member of the International Transporter Consortium (ITC), and has edited/co-edited 4 books (3 related to drug interactions and one on the topic of drug metabolism). Presently, Dr. Rodrigues also serves as adjunct professor at the School of Pharmacy, University of Rhode Island.