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KATO Yukio, PhD

KATO Yukio, PhD

Professor Department of Molecular Pharmacotherapeutics Faculty of Pharmacy, Kanazawa University Kanazawa, Japan


Dr. Yukio Kato graduated University of Tokyo in 1990 and received Ph.D.

degree in 1998. He was appointed Research Associate in University of Tokyo in 1993, Visiting Fellow in National Institutes of Health, USA in 2001, Associate Professor in Kanazawa University in 2002, and Full Professor in Kanazawa University in 2008. He was also assigned in 2012 to a Visiting Research Staff in Sugiyama Laboratory, RIKEN.

His major research interests are transporter-mediated drug disposition, efficacy and toxicity, transporter-related inflammation and diseases, and protein-protein interaction and functional regulation of xenobiotic transporters. He published 159 original research articles including 5 Nature journal series papers, and 13 review articles.