Meet the Experts Transporter Conference Tokyo 2017


As a pioneer in the drug transporter field for 17 years, SOLVO is dedicated to exploring the science of transporters and their role in xenobiotic efficacy and safety. With frequent Webinars hosted by respected scholars and professionals, as well as numerous peer-reviewed publications, our commitment and scientific contribution to the transporter field is well recognized.

After the great success of our events in SOLVO’s Meet the Experts: Transporter Conference series, we are pleased to announce that the seventh event will be held in Tokyo on 28 November, 2017. With the Meet the Experts: Transporter Conference series, we took our commitment to the transporter field to a new level. The sessions will focusing on the most relevant and up-to-date aspects of transporter science and industry applications.

Venue: Tokyo Marriott Hotel: 4-7-36, kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku  Tokyo  140-0001  Japan 


Join leading transporter scientists to learn and discuss cutting edge research and developments


Early Bird Registration Fee until 1 October 2017: $50

Registration Fee from 2 October 2017: $70


Payment can be made by wire-transfer or credit card. Please click here for credit card authorization form.

For cancellation: “Refunds will be issued for all requests received by the 1 October 2017. Refunds will not be issued for requests received after 2 October 2017.”

Your registration fee covers besides the conference program, lunch, coffee breaks, reception.

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    Preliminary Program - 28 November, 2017

    Chair: Krajcsi, Peter / SOLVO Biotechnology

    Timing Duration Topic Speaker
    9:00- 25 Registration and Coffe Break
    9:25- 5 Opening Krajcsi, Peter / SOLVO
    Keynote session
    9:30- 40 Food drug and drug-drug  interactions Tamai, Ikumi / Kanazawa U, Kanazawa, Japan
    10:10- 40 Pharmaceutical applications of modeling Kusuhara, Hiroyuki / U Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
    10:50- 40 Transporter proteomics of cancer cells Terasaki, Tetsuya / Tohoku U, Sendai, Japan
    11:30- 90 Lunch Seminar by Takeshi Sakata, SOLVO
    Transporter interaction of natural and synthetic compounds
    13:00- 30 OCTN1 - a broad substrate specificity transporter Kato, Yukio / Kanazawa U, Kanazawa, Japan
    13:30- 30 Riboflavin transport Yonezawa, Atsushi / Kyoto U, Kyoto, Japan
    14:00- 30 Transport and metabolism of bioactive flavonoids Zuo, Joan Z / Chinese U, Hong Kong, China
    14:30- 30 Coffee Break
    Transporters and their significance in drug development
    15:00- 30 Drug - transporter intercation testing in the pharmaceutical industry: case studies Sahi, Jasminder / Sanofi-Aventis (China), Shanghai, China
    15:30- 30 Transporter interaction of antituberculosis drugs Shin, Jae-Gook / Inje U, Busan, Korea
    16:00- 30 Bile acid and bile salt transport in hepatocytes Krajcsi, Péter / SOLVO
    16:30- 10 Closing remarks Krajcsi, Péter / SOLVO
    16:40- 80 Reception



    Venue: Tokyo Marriott Hotel

    Brilliant hosting at Tokyo Marriott Hotel starts with our premier hilltop location in Gotenyama. Inside, dynamic dining venues, polished service, and fingertip technologies keep you as fully engaged as you need to be, throughout your stay. The Gotenyama Garden next to the Tokyo Marriott Hotel is a stroller's oasis right on the premises. History buffs will want to explore the neighborhood's many temples and shrines and other vestiges of Shinagawa's centuries-old role welcoming travelers from afar.

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