HepatoPac® Learning series: Part 1 - METABOLIC CLEARANCE

May 10, 2017

For over a year now, SOLVO has been collaborating with Ascendance Biotechnology (formerly Hepregen) in the commercialization of their unique HepatoPac® plates in Europe and Asia. Encouraged by positive customer feedback and repeated orders from our customers, our own experience with the plates and the positive response to our webinar series in 2016, we are launching a series of Science Letters to further educate you on the use of this platform.

This week: Metabolic Clearance using Micropatterned Co-Cultures of Primary Hepatocytes

HepatoPac® is an in vitro liver model designed to provide reliable intrinsic clearance (CLint) parameters for all drug molecules. With HepatoPac®, the proprietary patterning of hepatocyte “islands” in a “sea” of stromal cells enables stable enzyme activity for weeks, not hours or days like other hepatocyte models. In addition, the HepatoPac® system maintains functional uptake and efflux transporter systems as well as bile formation capability. When compared to industry-standard suspension or plated monolayer cultures, HepatoPac® has a number of advantages:

  • Stable expression of phase 1 and phase 2 metabolising enzymes, as well as uptake and efflux transporters for an extended period (>7 days).
  • Enhanced prediction of in vivo clearance for molecules with low CLint. - Adaptable to multiple species.
  • Biliary excretion mechanism intact.

In this Science Letter, we show data from 24 molecules demonstrating how the platform’s longevity (>7 days) combined with its high level of metabolic competency make it a suitable platform for predicting metabolic stability of high, medium and low clearance compounds. HepatoPac® is available for a variety of species (rat, dog, or human) and can be delivered in different formats (24-, 72-, and 96-well). In addition, besides HepatoPac® products, SOLVO also offers services using HepatoPac® plates.

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