New Ready-to-use Vesicular Transport Assay Kit

November 15, 2011

SOLVO Biotechnology expands its Ready-to-use Vesicular Transporter Assay Kit portfolio with the “cold” SB-MDR1-K PREDIVEZ LC/MS Kit. The new kit is a simple and powerful tool to investigate the interaction of your drug candidate with the P-gp/MDR1 transporter without radiolabelled probe substrate by using LC/MS analytics. Besides the standard MDR1 PREDIVEZTM Kit components the new Kit contains:
  • NMQ as probe substrate
  • quinidine as internal standard for quantitation
  • PSC833 as the control P-gp inhibitor
  • full protocol for LC/MS analytics of the probe substrate NMQ
Learn more about our PREDIVEZTM Vesicular Transport Kit portfolio.

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