News from SOLVO: 2017 First half highlights

July 12, 2017



We were pleased to announce several new product and service launches, including new LLC-PK1-based human and mouse P-glycoprotein (MDR1/Mdr1a) services. With these two assays SOLVO now offers assays for rat, mouse and human MDR1 as well as BCRP, which is especially recommended for customers working on Blood-Brain-Barrier penetration who are looking for species differences. . In addition, we have launched assays for OAT2, ENT4 and relaunched our NTCP, ASBT and rat Oatp1a1 assay services using newly-developed HEK293-based cell lines, resulting in much higher signal-to-noise ratios and improved assay sensitivity. Finally, we have continued to expand our product portfolio, launching HEK293-derived MDR1, cyMdr1 BCRP, cyBcrp, MRP2, MRP5, and rat Mrp2 membrane vesicle products. These latest additions add to what is already the most comprehensive portfolio of transporter products and services available on the market, and we continue to develop innovative new tools to facilitate your transporter research.

SOLVO is committed to providing our customers with the best possible support for their ADME-Tox programs. In order to achieve this goal, we actively seek out partners to complement our industry-leading portfolio of transporter services.
Over the past few months, we have solidified our long-term partnership with DILIsym Services by signing an agreement to co-market our services for predictive and mechanistic drug-induced liver injury (DILI). By utilizing SOLVO’s in vitro transporter data, including IC50 data, mechanism of inhibition, and Ki determinations, within the DILIsym model, the team at DILIsym Services are able to provide a quantitative systems toxicology approach to evaluate potential hepatotoxicity of test compounds and metabolites. The strength of this approach was recently showcased at the Society of Toxicology 2017 Annual Meeting in a seminar and poster presentation detailing work carried out using TAK-875 (Fasiglifam), a compound which was withdrawn from phase III clinical trials due to unexpected concerns over liver toxicity. Contact us  to obtain a copy of these presentations.

New office opening

As a result of strong growth in the North American market and to better serve our customers in and around the Bay Area, SOLVO has recently opened our newest office in San Francisco. Contact us  today to schedule a meeting!

MEEX San Francisco

April saw the return of SOLVO’s Meet the Experts conference series to the West Coast US, with a three-day event held in South San Francisco. Transporter scientists from industry and academia converged on the Embassy Suites to discuss the latest science in the field, including keynote talks by Dr Les Benet on the “Biopharmaceutics Drug Disposition Classification System (BDDCS), the rule of 5 and druggability”, Dr Ayman El-Kattan on the Extended Clearance Classification System (ECCS)" and Dr Adrian Ray who spoke about “Transporters as clinically relevant mediators of drug toxicity”. In addition, for the first time outside of Europe, the event included a pre-conference workshop held by SOLVO scientists which covered the practical aspects of conducting transporter studies, including assay selection, bioanalytics, and data analysis. We would like to thank all attendees, as well as the speakers and sponsors, MilliporeSigma, Simulations Plus, and Qualyst Transporter Solutions, for making this another successful event!

This half year saw two webinars presented by Dr David Rodriguez (Pfizer) and Dr Birk Poller (Novartis). Dr Rodriguez spoke about transport of Steroid Sulfates and their potential role as biomarkers for Transporters and Dr Poller discussed the applicability of the B-CLEAR® assay for the IVIVE of hepatic clearance, drug-drug interactions and unbound intracellular drug concentrations. Please visit our website to view the recorded webinars or download the slides!


3rd edition Transporter Book available soon!
The latest edition of SOLVO’s Transporter Book will be available soon! Contact your local SOLVO representative to obtain a copy.
Save the date! Meet the Experts Transporter Conference Tokyo - November 28, 2017
We will be returning to Tokyo for the second Japanese Meet the Experts event later this year. Be sure to check the SOLVO website for further details, including confirmed speakers and registration.

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