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November 03, 2016


Announcement of Free Webinar on December 7th We are happy to announce another Free Webinar this December. It will be the 20th webinar we organized in 5 year's time, demonstrating our commitment to bringing Transporter Science to your doorstep. The next webinar will be given by our colleagues from DILIsym Services Inc and discuss how in vitro transporter data and in silico modeling can be combined to make better decisions in drug development.

The title of the webinar as such will be: “ Combining transporter data with quantitative systems toxicology modeling (DILIsym) to impact decisions in drug development.”

Presenters: Kyunghee Yang, Ph.D. Scientist, DILIsym Services Inc. Brett A. Howell, Ph.D Chief Executive Officer, DILIsym Services, Inc.

We look forward to welcoming you on this event! More information and regisration here!


Save the date! 6th Meet the Experts Transporter Conference, April 10-12, 2017

On April 10-12, 2017, SOLVO will host the 6th Meet the Experts Transporter Conference at the Embassy Suites Hotel, South San Francisco.

The Meet the Experts Transporter Conference series started in 2014, and since then over 400 people have participated in meetings in Budapest, San Francisco, Tokyo and Boston. The 2017 meeting will see the series return to San Francisco for a second time. The 2017 spring meeting will consist of a 2-day conference featuring key opinion leaders in the field of transporters. Among the confirmed speakers are Leslie Benet (UCSF), Ayman El-Kattan (Pfizer), Manthena Varma (Pfizer) and Laurent Salphati (Genentech).

In addition, we are excited to introduce a popular element from our European conferences to North American clients for the first time: a pre-conference workshop given by SOLVO scientists, covering theoretical and practical aspects of running transporter studies, which will be a great opportunity for new entrants to the transporter field as well as experienced researchers wishing to brush up on the latest transporter assays.

We look forward to seeing you there! More information and registration here!


New Launches

Committed as we are to providing our customers with optimal choice and flexibility, SOLVO has launched several new products and services over the past few months: New Services SGLT2-HEK293 assays Metabolic stability on Micropatterned Cocultures of Hepatocytes (HepatoPac) New Products MDR1-HEK293 vesicular transport membranes PREDIVEZ™ reagent- only kit To complement our ever increasing portfolio of insect and mammalian membrane vesicle products therefore, we have developed PREDIVEZ™ reagent-only kits. Each easy-to-use kit contains sufficient reagents for up to 300 reactions (enabling 9 duplicate IC50 determinations), including probe substrates and reference inhibitor stock solutions, and utilizing liquid scintillation, LC/MS, or fluorescent end-point read outs. In addition, the kits are compatible with multiple transporter membrane types, providing the flexibility to work with the system of your choice.


First ReACTS program awards announced!

We were delighted by the overwhelming response to our inagural call for applications to SOLVO’s Research and Academic Collaborative Transporter Studies (ReACTS) program. Having received many excellent proposals, the SOLVO ReACTS review committee of internal and external experts awarded three laboratories with free of charge transporter reagents and cell lines to further support their research activities in the field. We are very pleased to announce our support for Dr Daniel Dietrich (University of Konstanz, Germany) and his research on Mycocystin toxicity, Dr Simon McArthur (University of Westminster, United Kingdom) for his research on gut microbial metabolites and Dr Catherine Yeung (University of Washington, United States) for her research on uremic solutes. We congratulate all awardees and invite all academic researchers interested in this program to join via .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and will be reviewed at the next ReACTS review committee meeting, scheduled for December 2016.


Appointment of new VP of Business Development

SOLVO is pleased to announce the appointment of Joe Zolnerciks to the position of Vice President, Business Development. Joe first joined SOLVO in Hungary as Head of Production in 2012, before transfering to the US in 2014 to open and manage our West Coast office in Seattle as Director, ADME-Tox Services. As such, he is already well known among many of our customers, and is looking forward to further developing new and existing relationships in this new role. Joe has a very strong background in transporters, possessing a Ph.D. in membrane transporter biochemistry from Imperial College London, and having previously worked in transporter labs as far afield as the University of Washington, Queen Mary University of London and the Biozentrum, University of Basel. He is supported by Roelof de Wilde, Director of European Sales, and László Szilágyi, head of the APAC business unit. Joe’s predecessor, Berend Oosterhuis, is in turn promoted to Chief Operations Officer.

New Account Manager for West Coast and Mid-West US

SOLVO welcomes Jillian Harris as new Scientific Account Manager for West Coast and Mid-West US. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a Masters in Biomedical Sciences with a concentration in Biotechnology. and s managed West Coast region sales for Cyagen Biosciences prior to joining SOLVO. Jillian: ‘I am excited to be a part of this intelligent and dedicated team at SOLVO Biotechnology and very much looking forward to meeting our West Coast and Mid-West customers in person’.


SOLVO wins multiple EU grants to support its R&D efforts

SOLVO has recently won two EU grants to support its R&D activity. The overall budget of these projects is 3 million EUR, with 1.5 million EUR grant support for a 4-year period. SOLVO will collaborate with several Hungarian universities as well as other national and international partners to complete the projects. Peter Krajcsi, CSO, welcomed the news as an opportunity to dig deeper into the many questions we still have today around transporters. In addition, these grants will allow SOLVO to further develop its portfolio of transporter related assays, strengthening its position as frontrunner in the field.

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