August 01, 2018

Citoxlab acquires majority stake in SOLVO
By far the biggest and most important news in the first half of this year was the acquisition by Citoxlab of a majority stake in our company. After long and intense negotiations and careful preparation the deal was finalized on April 18th. Furthermore, SOLVO is now officially a member of the Citoxlab group, a dynamic and growing international group of companies specializing in pre-clinical services with annual revenues of around €150M. 

As you will have noticed though, SOLVO remains SOLVO, and despite the acquisition it is business as usual for our customers. We have been very pleased with Citoxlab’s support and commitment to scientific excellence and quality, and are confident that having a majority shareholder with strategic goals that align with ours will enable us to grow SOLVO even further, strengthening our position as the leading provider of in vitro ADME-Tox services.

8th Meet the Experts in Budapest
From April 25th to 27th SOLVO held its 8th Meet the Experts Transporter Conference in Budapest. We are extremely proud of this event which brought together almost 100 participants, from world renowned speakers to early-stage researchers and students from around the globe to discuss the latest research and trends in the field of transporters. The meeting began with a lab demonstration where participants could familiarize themselves with a wide range of transporter assays, and was followed up by two days of talks, posters and networking.

New Launches and New Directions
As always, we continue to expand our industry-leading portfolio of transporter tools, so as to better serve the demands and expectations of our clients. Most recently our focus has been on developing transporter assays for preclinical species, including cynomolgus monkey and dog transporters. Among others, we developed assays for dog Bsep and cynomolgus monkey Bcrp and Bsep. Make sure to visit our website and check out our entire portfolio of human and preclinical animal model transporter products and services.

Besides developing new cell lines, we have also been expanding into new directions. As our most recent webinars on prediction of nephrotoxicity and the interplay of drug transporters and drug metabolizing enzymes show, SOLVO is focused on evolving into a comprehensive provider of ADME-Tox services. 

We now offer two models for predicting nephrotoxicity: Proxtox, in collaboration with Cellbae, is a true high-throughput model in a 384-well format, enabling very cost-effective predictive screening of nephrotoxicity from analysis of 129 cellular features using high-content imaging and machine learning. We also offer the aProximate™ model, in partnership with Newcells Biotech, which utilizes freshly-isolated human, mouse, rat, dog, or cynomolgus monkey proximal tubule cells. In addition to retention of endogenous transporter, receptor, and other proximal tubule proteins, this model enables the measurement of clinically relevant biomarkers for kidney injury, including KIM-1, NGAL, and clusterin, as well as ATP depletion, LDH secretion, and tight junction integrity. These measurements can all be taken using a non-destructive approach that enables multiple sampling of the same cells over several days in culture. Depending on the number of compounds tested the model can be run in either 24- or 96-well format.

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