PrediGuide, the SOLVO Transporter Guidance

March 12, 2012

The recently published FDA draft guidance on drug interaction studies was the third document in 2 years containing recommendations regarding transporter studies. Apart from that hundreds of peer-reviewed articles were published in the past few years on the role and relevance of both uptake and efflux transporters. Many transporters, many recommendations, many questions... To help you see the wood for the trees, SOLVO developed a handy software tool to help you in deciding which transporters you want to study: PrediGuide, The SOLVO Transporter Guidance. This web-based software suggests and rank orders transporters likely important for your compound based on your input. PrediGuide is a useful tool if you are planning to conduct transporter studies but not sure which transporter interaction can be important for your drug candidate. This decision support tool has been developed based on the FDA and EMA guidances and our deep understanding of and experience with drug transporters.

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