Professor Yuichi Sugiyama joins SOLVO Scientific Advisory Board

July 20, 2007

SOLVO Biotechnology announced today the appointment of Professor Yuichi Sugiyama to its Scientific Advisory Board. Professor Sugiyama is recognized as the global leader in the field of drug transporter science. "We are extremely pleased and deeply honored to have such a world leading scientist as Professor Sugiyama join our Scientific Advisory Board," said SOLVO's President and CEO Mr Ernő Duda. Yuichi Sugiyama, Ph.D., is a Professor and Chairman at the Department of Molecular Pharmacokinetics, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and serves concurrently as the head of the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science department at the University of Tokyo. According to a recent report of ISI Essential Science Indicators, Professor Sugiyama has been ranked as the top cited scientist in the field of Pharmacology & Toxicology. His original articles published in the past 10 years, between January 1997 and February 2007, have received the highest number of citations in this field In particular, "Studies on drug transporters and the quantitative analysis of the role of drug transporters in drug clearance and tissue distribution of drugs" has been highly cited for the last 10 years. His research focuses on two areas: 1. Physiologically based pharmacokinetics: prediction of drug dispositions from in vitro biochemical data. 2. Molecular pharmacokinetics of drug transport in liver, kidney, and brain. Professor Sugiyama's research on membrane transporters has yielded better understanding of the basic aspects of transport mechanisms. He has discovered several examples in which transporters play a major role in drug disposition by integrating in vitro data with in vivo pharmacokinetic models. Professor Sugiyama has received numerous awards and prizes including: the PSWC (Pharmaceutical Sciences World Conference) Research Achievement Award in 2007, John G. Wagner Pfizer Lectureship Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2006; Scientific Achievement Award (Pharmaceutical Society of Japan) in 2004; AAPS Distinguished Pharmaceutical Scientist Award in 2003; The Troy Daniels Lectureship (UCSF) - Scientific Achievement Award 2001 from the "Japanese Society for Xenobiotic Metabolism and Disposition"; Scientific Achievement Award from the Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan in 1995; FIP Pharmaceutical Scientist of the Year Award 1994 (The first prize winner); Scientific Prize for young scientists from the "Pharmaceutical Society of Japan" 1991 and Takeru-Aya Higuchi Prize in 1990. He is currently the President of "International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX) and "Japanese Society for Xenobiotic Metabolism and Disposition (JSSX)", and has served on the editorial board of several international journals. "Professor Sugiyama is regarded worldwide as the global opinion leader in the field of drug transporter science. We are very excited and look forward to working with him in the development and promotion of new drug transporter technologies that will help reduce the cost and time of drug development" commented Dr. Peter Krajcsi, Chief Scientific Officer of SOLVO Biotechnology.

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