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June 07, 2018

Exclusive Speaker Interview Released for 13th Annual ADMET Conference

SMi Reports: Speaker interview with Nenad Manevski, UCB Pharma released in lead up to 13th annual ADMET conference

In the lead up to the 13th annual ADMET conference, expert speaker Nenad Manevski, DMPK Design Lead, Senior Scientist, Biotransformation & Enzymology, UCB Pharma, spoke to SMi about his role within the pharmaceutical industry, research challenges, opportunities for ADME-T leaders and much more.

Nenad Manevski is the DMPK Design Lead within Development Sciences at UCB Pharma in Slough, UK. Nenad is part of a multi-disciplinary drug design team, working closely with medicinal chemists, toxicologists, and pharmacokineticists to increase the drug-likeness of compounds in the discovery process.

Snapshot of speaker interview with Mr Manevski:

•    What do you see as the greatest research challenge to overcome in the field at the moment?

Implementing predictive DMPK and toxicology tools as early as possible to drive rational and hypothesis-driven drug design. This includes in silico tools, early estimations of animal and human dose and target engagement, and predictive toxicology tools for early avoidance of structural.

•    What current hot topic will you be addressing in your presentation and what would you say makes is relevant to 2018?

With pressures to reach the market fast and deliver with highest quality in both efficacy and safety, drug design faces a huge challenge. Early application of human dose predictions, in silico tools, and multi-parametric optimisation are more important than ever. Identification of co-variabilities of key ADMET properties and issues in the critical path leads to better decision making and lower attrition rate.

At the two-day event, Mr Manevski will be presenting “Use of early dose prediction and ADMET properties to guide chemical design” where he will explore how early dose predictions can be used to guide chemical design and prioritise efforts, as well as how multi-parameter design improves quality of drug-like properties, and how metabolic stability, permeability, and solubility are linked with toxicological outcomes.
This year’s conference will provide attendees with detailed updates on the latest developments in toxicology and ADMET modelling techniques, as well as the evolving techniques in predictive pharmacology and the future of pre-clinical DMPK studies.

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