We are pleased to announce that SOLVO Biotechnology and Hepregen Corporation Execute Co-marketing Agreement

June 23, 2015

Agreement Provides for European Sales of Hepregen’s HepatoPac® and HepatoMuneTM Proprietary Products by SOLVO and Provision of Services Using These Products

Glasgow, Scotland, June 23, 2015 – SOLVO Biotechnology and Hepregen Corporation announced today, at the 13th European Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (“ISSX”), a co-marketing agreement between the companies.

This agreement provides for the European marketing of Hepregen’s human, monkey, rat and dog application-directed HepatoPac® and HepatoMuneTM kits, which are used for liver metabolite analysis, transport studies and predictive and mechanistic toxicology studies. These kits contain human or animal hepatocytes (liver cells) in Hepregen’s proprietary micro-patterned, co-culture microtiter tissue culture plates.

This agreement also provides SOLVO with the opportunity to make services available to its customers using these Hepregen products as well as HepatoPac® B-CLEAR® products co-developed by Hepregen and Qualyst Transporter Solutions. “Hepregen’s technology is a welcome addition to our world-recognized portfolio of products and services associated with transporter protein analysis”, said Ernő Duda, SOLVO’s chief executive officer.

“As the transporter field matures, we see a growing need for physiologically relevant systems in addition to the established transfected models. Moreover, adding Hepregen’s portfolio to ours provides us with an opportunity to broaden our offerings to customers into the important areas of drug metabolism and safety testing. Our partnership with Hepregen enhances SOLVO’s ability to grow as a biotechnology enterprise.” Dr. Vincent Zurawski, Hepregen’s president and chief executive, stated, “This marketing partnership represents another step in Hepregen’s unceasing effort to make our application-directed products and associated services available to customers around the world,” adding, “SOLVO’s exceptional European sales capability is expected to dramatically augment our already growing European sales effort.”

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