SOLVO Biotechnology, The Transporter Company and Newcastle University Execute a Service Representation to Approximate Technology

June 06, 2014

Agreement Supporting Use of Newcastle University’s aProximate™ Technology for primary renal proximal tubule cell based Contract Services offered exclusively by SOLVO Biotechnology

Hungary, Budaörs, May, 2014 - SOLVO Biotechnology, The transporter company has recently announced an alliance with Newcastle University to make available its aProximate™ Technology to customers worldwide. Offering will focus on exclusive contract services using a primary renal proximal tubule cell (PTC) model for the investigation of drug handling and nephrotoxicity. The technology is available using primary human, rat or mouse renal PTC offering an alternative to commercially available cloned transporter assays as it can be used to predict renal drug handling and drug-drug interactions prior to clinical trials.

Ernő Duda, CEO for SOLVO Biotechnology commented:

"We have been impressed for many years with Colin Brown’s work on human Proximal Tubule cell monolayers. His work is unique and of huge value to the industry. We are excited to have access to this technology and thereby the ability to broaden our options to provide real solutions to our clients. With adding Proximal Tubule cell monolayers to our portfolio we offer a unique package of renal transport methods. Our single- and double-transfected cell lines enable us to study individual transporters in detail, but with the Proximal Tubule cell monolayers we can add to this a holistic picture of the impact of transporters on renal clearance and/or toxicity of investigational drugs."

Colin Brown, Newcastle University commented:

"Solvo has a worldwide reputation for developing and delivering novel transporter based assays and products for the Pharmaceutical Industry and has always championed innovation. With this in mind, I am very excited that Solvo and Newcastle University have reached an agreement to promote the aProximate™ Proximal Tubule monolayer model, developed in Newcastle, to their clients as part of their unique package of renal transporter assays. With these assays in place, we know have a powerful in vitro platform to better predict potential drug toxicity and drug-drug interactions earlier in the drug development pipeline."

About SOLVO Biotechnology SOLVO has been the leading commercial provider of transporter services and products for nearly 15 years. During this time we have developed over 130 transporter assays and services, run hundreds of client studies, provided quality reports for submission to FDA/EMA, published over 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and worked with more than 450 customers world-wide. From small molecules to protein therapeutics, with more than 100 solutions and unparalleled expertise we are confident SOLVO can meet your transporter needs and exceed your expectations.

Ernő Duda
Chief Executive Officer SOLVO Biotechnology
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About Newcastle University

  • Newcastle University is a Russell Group University
  • Newcastle ranks in the top 20 of UK Universities in The Sunday Times 2013 University Guide and in the 2015 Complete University Guide
  • Amongst their peers Newcastle is:
    • 5th in the UK for graduates into jobs (HESA 2011-12)
    • 10th in the UK for Medical research power
    • In the UK’s top 12 for research power in Science and Engineering
  • 95% of Newcastle Students are in a job or further training within six months of graduating
  • Newcastle has a world-class reputation for research excellence and are spearheading three major societal challenges that have a significant impact on global society. These themes are: Ageing, Sustainability and Social Renewal.
  • Newcastle University is the first UK University to establish a fully owned international branch campus for medicine at its NUMed Campus in Malaysia which opened in 2011.
  • Newcastle get a 92% satisfaction rating from their international students (ISB2013)

Dr Colin Brown Senior Lecturer Institute of Cell & Molecular Biosciences
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Dr Marie Labus Business Development Manager
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