SOLVO Biotechnology Introduces PreadyPort™-MDR1

April 04, 2010

SOLVO Biotechnology Introduces a Novel MDCKII-MDR1 Monolayer Product in Collaboration with ADVANCELL: PreadyPortTM MDR1 the Ready-to-use Transfected MDCKII-MDR1 Monolayer Monolayer assays using transfected MDCKII-MDR1 cells are widely recognized tools, acknowledged by the FDA, to study the interaction of drugs with the P-gp/MDR1 transporter. The MDCKII-MDR1 monolayer system is suitable for performing both inhibition and substrate assessments and is often used to model the net transport events of important fluid compartment barriers in the organism that express P-gp/MDR1 at a high level, like the blood-brain-barrier and the intestine. PreadyPortTM-MDR1 Kits contain 24-TranswellTM plates with differentiated MDCKII cells expressing MDR1, as well as the parental cell line. The innovative shipping medium, developed and patented by ADVANCELL, preserves the properties of the barrier throughout transportation. The first member of the PreadyPortTM series, the PreadyPortTM-MDR1 Kit is revolutionary in providing a ready-to-use tool for MDCKII-MDR1 monolayer assays. The kit will allow researchers to perform MDR1 interaction studies on monolayers without bothering about cell-line licensing and culturing. Applications - MDR1 substrate assessment (direct transport studies) - MDR1 inhibitor assessment (drug-drug interaction studies) - Models the net transport events of barriers like the human blood-brain-barrier and the intestine Benefits - Available on demand - User-friendly system and easy-handling - Flexibility: a window of 4 days for transport measurements - Adaptable to automation - Transporter experiments without in-house cell propagation - Transporter experiments without in-house cell line development or acquisition. We offer PreadyPortTM-MDR1 on Introductory Price for the first 3 months. For detailed information on the PreadyPortTM-MDR1 Kit and validation data please click here. We highly recommend reading the Tips for Success guide before the arrival of the ordered PreadyPortTM Kits. You can have access to the User's Manual here. The PreadyPortTM product line will be extended with MDCKII-BCRP and MDCKII-OATPB/BCRP kits and also with the 96-well plate versions in the near future.

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