SOLVO opens office in the United States

April 05, 2012

SOLVO Biotechnology, a Hungary based CRO specialising in Transporter Assay technology and services, has recently opened an office in Boston, MA. The company sees this move as a logical next step in the development of the company. Berend Oosterhuis, Business Development Director commented: “SOLVO has been growing at a high pace over the past three years and thus has become large enough to stand on its own legs in the US market. Although we have worked very successfully through our distributors and continue to collaborate with them, we think the market for transporter reagents and services has grown to such an extent that local presence in the US has become essential to keep our prominent position in the market. We have a growing number of returning and strategic US based customers for whom it would be of great advantage to have local point of contact, therefore, we are building a regional salesforce as well as local project management and technical support. Our in vitro, in vivo and bioanalytical labs remain in Europe.” SOLVO, established in 1999, is currently the market leader in the US and Europe for transporter services. The company has a wide portfolio of in vitro and in vivo transporter services and both membrane and cellular based transporter products. SOLVO has over 400 customers in 38 countries and around 80 employees.

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