SOLVO partners with XBL to provide GLP in vitro transporter services in the U.S.

May 16, 2012

Solvo Biotechnology (SOLVO) and XenoBiotic Laboratories (XBL) have established a strategic partnership with the goal to offer in vitro transporter services in the U.S. market. The pioneer and leader in the field of membrane transporter technologies, Hungary-based SOLVO has agreed with Plainsboro, NJ-based XBL to transfer its comprehensive efflux and uptake transporter assays to XBL's research facilities. The services will be made available to American customers through both SOLVO and XBL sales channels. Through this collaboration SOLVO will be introducing GLP services in addition to its current, ISO 9001 certified portfolio, throughout its processes. The SOLVO-XBL partnership aims to meet the increasing demand for studying drug-transporter interactions. Transporters play a key role in drug development. As the FDA has pointed out, “Similar to CYP enzymes, transporters may be inhibited or induced. Inhibition of transporters by interacting drugs can lead to altered exposure of other drugs that are substrates of transporters. Therefore, the potential for an investigational drug as a substrate, inhibitor, or inducer for transporters should be evaluated during drug development.” [FDA Drug Interaction Draft Guidance (February 17, 2012, p47)] “Its strong reputation for providing high quality science, expertise and services in drug metabolism and GLP bioanalysis for over 25 years made XBL an attractive partner for SOLVO," said Ernő Duda, SOLVO's President and CEO. “Being able to offer transporter assays within XBL’s facilities in New Jersey in the United States fits into our business strategy of increasing our presence in the U.S., broadening our portfolio with GLP studies and partnering with companies whose portfolio complements ours, and vice versa,” he added. “We are pleased to be able to partner with SOLVO to provide a comprehensive set of high quality transporter and drug development services to our clients”, commented Jinn Wu, President and CEO of XBL. “Adding transporter assays will further complement our in vitro drug interaction study capabilities, and offer our clients a comprehensive set of ADME services as part of their drug development program”, added Dennis Heller, Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development at XBL. SOLVO ( was the first to commercialize transporter assays when it entered the market in 1999, and has been a dominant player ever since. SOLVO is the market leader contract research laboratory (CRO) specialized in transporters both in Europe and the U.S. The innovative company offers consultancy services and the widest array of in vitro transporter assays including all assays needed to comply with the current FDA draft guidance and EMA guidelines. XBL, with global headquarters near Princeton, New Jersey, currently provides in vivo and in vitro drug metabolism studies that include CYP and phase II enzyme inhibition, induction and phenotyping assays. XBL facilities in Plainsboro, NJ ( and Nanjing, China ( operate to GLP standards, are licensed for the use of radioisotopes, and are AAALAC accredited for animal research.

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