SOLVO Transporter News: New Transporter Assays for 2011

December 22, 2010

In this issue:

New product launches

PreadyPortTM-MDR1 is now available on 96-well plates New Ready-To-Use Preplated Cellular Kit on the market: PredicellTM Uptake Transporter Kit product line with CHO-OCT2 & CHO-OATP1B3 cell lines In-house ATPase Assay with the new BCRP-M PREDEASYTM ATPase Kit

New service launches

SOLVO Biotechnology introduces HPT1, OCTN2 and MATE1 Cellular Uptake Assays as the new members of its Uptake Transporter Service portfolio
  • HPT1 Uptake Transporter Assay
  • OCTN2 Uptake Transporter Assay
  • MATE1 Uptake Transporter Assay
Read the full newsletter about the new transporter assays.

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