The Revolutionary Ready-to-use Transfected MDCKII Monolayer System is Now Available for BCRP

April 12, 2011

SOLVO Biotechnology launced the next member of its novel ready-to-use monolayer kit is now available for BCRP PreadyPortTM Kits contain 24-well cell culture insert plates with differentiated MDCKII cells expressing MDR1or the BCRP transporter, as well as the parental cell line. PreadyPortTM MDR1 is also available on 96-well plate. The innovative shipping medium, developed and patented by READYCELLTM, preserves the properties of the barrier throughout transportation. The first two members of the PreadyPortTM series, the PreadyPortTM-MDR1 and PreadyPortTM-BCRP Kits are revolutionary in providing a ready-to-use tool for MDCKII-MDR1 and MDCKII-BCRP monolayer assays. The kit will allow researchers to perform MDR1and BCRP interaction studies on monolayers without bothering about cell-line licensing and culturing. Learn more about PreadyPortTM technology

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