Webinar Announcement: Predictive in vitro primary proximal tubule models for understanding nephrotoxicity in drug development programs

February 13, 2020

Presenter: Dr Colin Brown, Director of ADMET Technology, Newcells Biotech, Newcastle, UK


Date: 4:00 pm GMT on Thursday, February 27th 2020


Up to 60% of animal studies fail to identify subsequent drug-to-drug interactions or toxicity in man.

Find out how the properties of in vitro proximal tubule epithelial cell (PTEC) models can be used to understand the renal handling of drug molecules and de-risk adverse reactions in drug development programs.

Colin will present several case studies illustrating the use of aProximate™ PTEC human and animal models with small molecules and biologics. He will demonstrate the value of measuring biomarkers of toxicity, providing mechanistic and species-specific data about the transport of molecules, and predicting potential nephrotoxicity of new drug molecules.

Here you can register for the Webinar!

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