Biliary Excretion - rat

Service Cell Line Transporter Technology Membrane Type Probe Substrate Read Out Reference Inhibitor Positive Control Dynamic Range


SOLVO offers biliary excretion studies in bile duct cannulated (BDC) rats to study the excretion of test compounds into the bile or the effect of the test compound on the excretion of other (physiological) compounds (e.g. bile salts). Our Rat Biliary Excretion service offers both standard and transporter specific study designs.

The transporter specific experiments examine the in vivo interaction of test articles with rat Mrp2, Bcrp and Bsep transporters. The interaction with the Mrp2, Bsep and Bcrp transporters will be detected as the modulation of biliary elimination of the respective reporter substrate (3H-Estradiol-17β-D-glucuronide, 3H-taurocholate and 3H-Estrone-3-sulfate, respectively) in male Wistar rats. The biliary elimination of the reporter substrate will be determined following i.p. coadministration with the vehicle or with the test compound in a single dose to five animals.

Control rats receive the probe substrates and the vehicle only. Bile samples are collected, weighted and analyzed by liquid scintillation. Interactions with the transport proteins are determined from the altered biliary elimination of the probe substrates.

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