Hepatocyte Uptake Assay

Service Cell Line Transporter Technology Membrane Type Probe Substrate Read Out Reference Inhibitor Positive Control Dynamic Range
Hepatocyte Uptake Assay Hepatocyte Uptake Assay


The SOLVO hepatocyte uptake assays are available using commercially available hepatocytes from human, rat or other species. The main purpose of this assay is to evaluate whether Test Articles (TAs) are actively (through a transporter) or passively (by diffusion) taken up into hepatocytes. Data from the assay can help scientists with Test Articles in different stages of development:

  • In early stages of development, before a compound is tested as substrate for active uptake by transporters in single overexpressing systems according to meet regulatory requirements, the assay may help understand whether uptake in the liver is passive, or active.
  • In a later stage to understand more applying specific transporter inhibitors it can become apparent which transporter may play a role in active uptake and guide a selection.
  • Data can be used in submission for regulatory agencies.
  • Finally data can be used for PBPK modelling purposes and to predict possible DDI risk.

SOLVO uses the gold-standard oil-spin method to evaluated active uptake of a compound in hepatocytes. In addition, it is also possible to use plateable cells, to run the assay

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