Brain Microdialysis (MD) - mouse, rat

Service Cell Line Transporter Technology Membrane Type Probe Substrate Read Out Reference Inhibitor Positive Control Dynamic Range


SOLVO offers three types of brain microdialysis services in either anesthetized or non-anesthetized animals:

  • Brain penetration study - both in rats and mice
  • Effect of transporter specific inhibitors on brain penetration of test compound (Mdr1-rats, mice; Bcrp-rats)
  • Neurotransmitter release: brain and/or blood levels can be measured simultaneously (rats)

Microdialysis techniques have been developed to monitor changes in the chemistry of the extracellular space in living tissue. The advantage of microdialysis is that it is the free concentration of the test compound that is measured, in contrast to total concentration. SOLVO offers dual or triple probe experiments in which the free concentration of a test compound is measured simultaneously in blood and brain or various regions of the brain.

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Adaptation of microdialysis techniques to study brain penetration of drugs and substrate-inhibitor interactions of ABC transporters at the BBB in mice
F. Erdő,P. Trampus,M. Sike, P. Molnár, P. Krajcsi, and I.Sziráki
SOLVO Biotechnology, Szeged; Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged, Hungary