Sandwich-cultured hepatocyte Assay

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Hepatocyte models using B-CLEAR technology

Bioavailability of new molecular entities is highly affected by hepatobiliary clearance processes, knowledge, and optimization of which is essential to achieve sufficient plasma exposure to modulate new targets effectively and safely. Sandwich-cultured hepatocytes (SCH) are a powerful in vitro tool that can be utilized to study hepatobiliary drug transport, metabolism, species differences in drug transport, transport protein regulation, drug-drug interactions, and hepatotoxicity.  These cultures maintain many of the structural and functional features of in vivo hepatocytes, including formation of bile canaliculi, excretion of bile acids, expression of drug metabolizing enzymes, and expression and localization of efflux and uptake transporters. 

B-Clear technology

The B-Clear assay has been developed to measure the biliary secretion of compounds in vitro using SCH that form functional bile canaliculi expressing a full complement of efflux and uptake transporters. B-Clear technology utilizes a patented process to modulate the integrity of tight junctions at the interface of the canaliculi and the culture medium, releasing their contents and allowing measurement of biliary excretion and efflux. The services offered by SOLVO Biotechnology utilizing B-CLEAR technology will allow the determination of biliary clearance, in addition to hepatic transporter-mediated drug-drug interactions, using rat, mouse, or human hepatocytes. In addition to human SCH, the assay was validated in two additional pre-clinical species: rat and dog.

Vectorial efflux assay

SOLVO’s vectorial efflux assay is an improved B-Clear assay, in which the uptake and efflux processes are measured separately, enabling assessment of the uptake, as well as basolateral and biliary efflux of compounds at once, in a single experiment, in addition to biliary clearance evaluation. The Vectorial Transport assay was set up and validated for human and rat SCH.

SOLVO offers the following B-Clear Services:

• Biliary excretion measurements
• Hepatic transporter inhibition measurements
• Assessment of potential for hepatic Drug-Drug Interaction
• Available using rat and dog, as well as human primary hepatocytes

Vectorial efflux assay:

• Uptake, basolateral and biliary efflux in a single experiment
• Biliary clearance evaluation
• Available using rat and human primary hepatocytes

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