Sandwich-cultured hepatocyte Assay

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Transporter Certified Hepatocyte models using B-CLEAR technology

Sandwich-cultured hepatocytes are a common in vitro model used to investigate hepatic transporter-mediated efflux and uptake of test compounds, as well as drug-drug interactions. These cultures maintain many of the structural and functional features of in vivo hepatocytes, including formation of bile canaliculi, excretion of bile acids, expression of drug metabolizing enzymes, and expression and localization of efflux and uptake transporters. However, many commercially available cryopreserved hepatocytes used for transporter assays can vary widely in terms of quality, phenotype, and transporter activity, leading to an increased number of repeat studies, schedule delays, and higher research costs. In contrast, Transporter Qualified hepatocytes from Qualyst Transporter Solutions are carefully pre-screened and characterized for physiologically accurate level of transporter activity and biliary function, enabling them to deliver maximum predictive value for hepatocyte studies. Clearance values for each of these probes is compared to historical data, and used to determine whether the hepatic transporter function falls within an acceptable range. The use of hepatocytes that were transporter certified by Qualyst enables generation of the highest quality data, with optimal predictive value for in vivo transporter-mediated clearance.

SOLVO offers the following B-Clear Services using Transporter Certified cryopreserved human and fresh rat and mouse hepatocytes:
• Biliary excretion measurements
• Hepatic transporter inhibition measurements
• Assessment of potential for hepatic Drug-Drug Interactions

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