Sandwich-cultured hepatocyte services

Qualyst Transporter Certified hepatocytes

Primary hepatocyte cultures can vary widely in terms of quality and function, despite having otherwise normal morphology and viability. This can lead to poor quality data with little or no predictive value for determining in vivo biliary clearance or hepatic drug-drug interactions. In contrast, Qualyst Transporter Certified hepatocyte cultures are validated using a series of clinically relevant probes for uptake and efflux transporter function, as well as known inhibitors of transport.

B-CLEAR Technology

Healthy primary sandwich-cultured hepatocytes form functional bile canaliculi expressing a full complement of efflux and uptake transporters. B-CLEAR technology utilizes a patented process to modulate the integrity of tight junctions at the interface of the canaliculi and the culture medium, releasing the contents and allowing measurement of biliary excretion and efflux. The services offered by SOLVO Biotechnology utilizing B-CLEAR technology will allow the determination of biliary clearance, in addition to hepatic transporter-mediated drug-drug interactions, using rat, mouse, or Qualyst Transporter Certified human hepatocytes.