Meet the Experts Transporter Conference Seoul 2019

  1. Joan Z Zuo: Nasal Route for CNS Drug Repurposing and Novel Delivery to the Brain
  2. Massimiliano Fonsi: Integrated In Vitro and In Vivo Approaches to Drug Metabolism Investigations - a Study Case
  3. Takeo Nakanishi: OATP2A1/SLCO2A1 Determines Prostaglandins’ Action by Distributing Them to the Required Place at the Right Time
  4. Wooin Lee: Long-lasting Inhibition of OATPs: Update on the Mechanisms and Impact
  5. Tetsuya Terasaki: Regulation Mechanism of P-gp in the Blood-Brain Barrier
  6. Beata Kovacs: Lunch Seminar: Solutions by SOLVO to support your ADME-Tox research
  7. Colin Brown: In Vitro Platforms for De-risking Nephrotoxicity
  8. Jashvant Unadkat: The Next Frontier in ADME Science: Predicting and Verifying Tissue Drug Exposure
  9. Joe Zolnerciks: Opening
  10. Roelof de Wilde: Closing Remarks

Meet the Experts Transporter Conference Boston 2019

  1. Joe Zolnerciks: Timing and Application of Transporter Studies in Drug Development
  2. Krisztina Herédi-Szabó: Transporter Data Evaluation and Interpretation
  3. Zoltán Tímár: Bioanalytics
  4. Krisztina Herédi-Szabó: Transporter Study Design Considerations
  5. Cindy Rewerts: In Vitro Methods for Studying Transporters
  6. Péter Tátrai: Validating and Optimizing In Vitro Assays for Improved DDI Prediction – assay calibration and time-dependent inhibition
  7. Adrian Sheldon: Approaches and Lessons Learned in Establishing HT-ADME Assays
  8. Brett A Howell: Utilizing DILIsym, a QST Platform, to Extract More from Your Data to Support Decisions
  9. Courtney Mercadante: Novel Mechanisms and a Potential Therapy for Manganese Excess due to Inherited SLC30A10 Deficiency
  10. Vadivel Ganapathy: Improvement of Nanoparticle Drug Delivery by Surface Conjugation with L-carnitine: Role of OCTN2/SLC22A5 and ATB0,+ (SLC6A14)
  11. Avner Schlessinger: Structure-based Ligand Discovery for Human Nutrient Transporters
  12. John Schuetz: A Role for ABC Transporters and Porphyrin Metabolism Leukemia?
  13. Li Di: Protein Binding Methodologies and Relevance for DDI - an Industry Perspective
  14. Savannah McFeely: Clinical Significance and Regulatory Framework for the Evaluation of Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptide 1B-Based Drug-Drug Interactions
  15. Choi-Fong Cho: Organoid Platform for Modeling the Blood-brain-barrier
  16. Patrick T Ronaldson: Blood-Brain Barrier Transporters in Ischemic Stroke: Focus on Oatps
  17. Mitesh Patel: Mechanistic basis of cabotegravir-glucuronide disposition in humans
  18. Yutai Li: In vitro and In vivo Models to Study Drug Inflicted Changes on Bile Acids/Salt Homeostasis
  19. David Rodrigues: ADME Biomarkers of Drug-drug Interaction
  20. Yan Zhang: The Gut-Brain-Microbiome Axis: Epacadostat Transport and Metabolism on Brain Serotonin Concentration
  21. Laurent Salphati: Variability In Oral Exposure and Formulation Strategies
  22. Péter Krajcsi: Introductory Remarks
  23. Péter Krajcsi: Closing Remarks

Meet the Experts Transporter Conference Budapest 2018

  1. Emmanuelle Reboul: Intestinal absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
  2. Roos Masereeuw: Studying disposition of uremic waste products
  3. Krajcsi Péter: Bile salt transport
  4. Maria Barthmes: Electrophysiology for transporters using the “SURFE2R” technology
  5. Yan Zhang: Epacadostat: Transport and Metabolism of A First in Class IDO1 Inhibitor for Immuno-Oncology
  6. Mikihisa Takano: Effect of cigarette smoke extract on the function and expression of membrane transporters in alveolar epithelial cells
  7. Yuichi Sugiyama: Ki determination in vitro and its impact on modelling and prediction of DDI
  8. Sanjeev Krishna: Transporters in antimalarial drug action and resistance
  9. Stefan Oswald: Mass spectrometry-based quantification of transporter proteins and metabolizing enzymes: an update on advantages and challenges
  10. Irena Loryan: Assessment of unbound target site-concentration in brain and lungs: methodological considerations and practical implications
  11. Pieter van Brantegem: Optimization of an in vitro assay for identification of NTCP inhibitors
  12. Birk Poller: Drug disposition classification systems -  a comparative review of BDDCS, ECCS and ECCCS

Meet the Experts Transporter Conference Tokyo 2017

  1. Joe Zolnerciks: Regulatory Developments in 2017
  2. Péter Krajcsi: Bile acid and bile salt transport in hepatocytes
  3. Jae-Gook Shin: Drug interactions of antituberculosis - insight for the personalized precision dosing
  4. Jasminder Sahi: Contribution of xenobiotic transporters to drug disposition - case studies
  5. Joan Z Zuo:Transport and metabolism of bioactive flavonoids: impact on herb-drug interactions
  6. Yukio Kato: OCTN1 - a broad substrate specificity and disease-associated transporter
  7. Daniele Zink: Accurate high-throughput prediction of organ-specific toxicities in humans
  8. Tetsuya Terasaki: Transporter proteomics of cancer cells
  9. Hiroyuki Kusuhara: Application of physiologically-based pharmacokinetic model to the drug-drug interactions assessment
  10. Ikumi Tamai: Food-drug and drug-drug interactions

Meet the Experts Transporter Conference San Francisco 2017

  1. Kim Brouwer: Altered Hepatic Transport in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) Affects Drug and Bile Acid Disposition: Clinical Implications
  2. Alan Remaley: Modulation of cholesterol transport by the ABCA1 transporter: Opportunities and challenges
  3. Jason Zastre: Adaptive Regulation of Thiamine Transport and Activation
  4. Scott Siler: Making the most of bile acid transporter data with modeling and simulation
  5. Bhagwat Prassad: Quantitative DMET proteomics: Application in pediatric physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Modeling
  6. Todd Skaar: MicroRNAs - regulators of ADME relevant genes
  7. Adrian Ray: Transporters as clinically relevant mediators of drug toxicity
  8. Nagendra Chemuturi: The Role of Transporters in the ADMEE of Antibody Drug Conjugates
  9. Meeghan O’Connor: Evaluation of the Interaction of Poorly Permeable Metabolites with Hepatic Uptake and Efflux Transporters
  10. Apply the monkey as a preclinical model for assessing drug-drug interactions in human
  11. James Mullin: In Vitro Modeling of Active Transport and Metabolism in Suspended and Sandwich Hepatocyte Assays Utilizing MembranePlus™
  12. Ayman El- Kattan: Extended clearance classification System [ECCS]: A strategic approach to prioritize ADME In Vitro Studies in drug discovery
  13. Les Benet: BDDCS, the rule of 5 and druggability
  14. Laurent Salphati: Evaluation of Humanized Animal Models for the Study of Drug Transporters
  15. Niresh Hariparsad: Interplay between Uptake Transport and CYP3A4 Induction in MPCC
  16. Gad Vatine: Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Modeling of the Blood-Brain Barrier
  17. Péter Krajcsi: Intro - challenges of portfolio development in the field of transporters
  18. Joe Zolnerciks: Timing and application of transporter studies during drug development
  19. Krisztina Herédi-Szabó: Data evaluation and interpretation – pitfalls, FAQs
  20. Zoltán Tímár: Bioanalysis of samples from in vitro transporter studies
  21. Krisztina Herédi-Szabó: Study Design
  22. Joe Zolnerciks: An overview of in vitro methods for studying transporter interactions – their pros and cons and practical considerations

Meet the Experts Transporter Conference Budapest 2016

  1. Selvi Durmus Erin: Preclinical assessment of a novel palladium-based anticancer drug candidate: Assessing its pharmacokinetics and interaction with drug transporters
  2. Stephan Urban: The Role of NTCP in the hepatic uptake of Hepatitis B and D viruses: Specific Inhibition of NTCP as a novel therapeutic option to treat infections
  3. Gerry Kenna: BSEP inhibition and drug induced liver injury
  4. Gerrit Jansen: Pharmacologic and physiologic role of ABC drug efflux transporters in auto-immune disease
  5. Andrea Calcagno: Transporters and response to drugs: beyond plasma pharmacokinetics
  6. Balázs Sarkadi: The concept of chemoimmunity in ADME-Tox studies - ABC transporters in stem cells
  7. Abdullah Mayati: Protein kinase c-dependent regulation of human hepatic drug transporter expression
  8. Laurent Salphati: Humanized Animal Models - Potential Tools for the Study of Drug Transporters?
  9. Elizabeth CM de Lange: The Impact of BBB and BCSFB Transporters in translational CNS drug distribution models
  10. Hanan Osman-Ponchet: Characterization of drug transporters in human skin
  11. Colin Brown: A Proximate proximal tubule cells as predictive in vitro models of nephrotoxicity
  12. Jack McGeehan: A Review of HepatoPac® Products and Technology for DMPK and Toxicology Applications
  13. Maciej Zamek-Gliszczynski: Transporters in Drug Development – Emerging Themes from the ITC

Meet the Experts Transporter Conference Boston 2015

  1. Michael Sawyer: Uptake Transporters as Mediators of Drug Efficacy and Toxicity
  2. Michael Gottesman: The Complexity of Drug Resistance in Cancer
  3. Nathan Cherrington: Genotype or Phenotype: Precision Medicine and the Sources of Variable Drug Transport and Exposure
  4. Maciej Zamek-Gliszczynski: Drug Metabolites and Transporters: Perspectives and Issues for Drug Development
  5. Salman Khetani: Microengineered Liver Models for Applications in Drug Development
  6. Kevin Bush: Transporter - OATs and Other Transporters in Metabolism: The Remote Sensing and Signaling Hypothesis
  7. Dan Bow: Understanding Drug Interactions with Renal Transporters
  8. Judit Pongracz: Treatment Induced Differences in ABC and SLC Transporters in Non-small Cell Lung Cancers - Better Understanding via 3D Lung Tissue Modelling In Vitro
  9. J. Cory Kalvass: Interplay between Passive Permeability and Active Transport on CNS Drug Exposure and Activity

Meet the Experts Transporter Conference Tokyo 2015

  1. Kenneth Brouwer: Basolateral Efflux:  Importance in Predicting Biliary Clearance and Hepatotoxicity
  2. Imad Hanna: Drug transport studies across the discovery and development phases and beyond; managing potential liabilities against international regulatory expectations
  3. Yukio Kato: ABC transporters involved in xenobiotics disposition in the skin
  4. Yuichi Sugiyama: Transporters-role in pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics/toxicodynamics of drugs
  5. Péter Krajcsi: Bile salt transport - role in hepatotoxicity
  6. Ikumi Tamai: OATP Transporters: Pharmacological and pathophysiological significance
  7. Noriko Okudaira: Integrated approach of in vivo and in vitro evaluation in the risk assessment of transporter-mediated DDI
  8. Colin Brown: Development of predictive in vitro models of the proximal tubule for drug development and safety studies
  9. Tetsuya Terasaki: Significance of quantitative targeted absolute proteomics (QTAP)

Meet the Experts Transporter Conference San Francisco 2014

  1. PHILIP K. TAN: Renal Urate Transport: Overview and Role of URAT1
  2. MICHELINE PIQUETTE-MILLER: Regulation of Drug Transporters in Infection and Disease; Impact on Drug Disposition
  3. KENNETH R. BROUWER: Utility of an Integrative System:  Sandwich-Cultured Hepatocytes
  5. REINA BENDAYAN: Regulation of Drug Transporters in HIV-1 Associated Brain Inflammation
  6. ETHAN LIPPMANN: Stem cell derived BBB models
  7. LAURENT SALPHATI: Optimizing compounds for brain penetration- Studies with PI3K inhibitors
  8. MACIEJ ZAMEK-GLISZCZYNSKI: In Vivo Models to Bridge the Translational Gaps in Transporter-Mediated PK and DDIs
  9. HARMA ELLENS: Transporters in Drug Discovery and Development: Challenges and Opportunities

Meet the Experts Transporter Conference Budapest 2014

  1. Jasminder Sahi: Hepatic Transporters and their Role in Drug Uptake and Elimination
  2. Colin Brown_Development of in-vitro cross species renal proximal tubule DMPK and drug safety platforms
  3. John Keogh_The Impact of Advances in Drug Transporter Science on Regulatory Expectations
  4. Imad Hanna_Tailor-made transporter assays for stage-specific drug discovery and development
  5. Birger Brodin_Design of prodrugs targeting the intestinal di/tri-peptide transporter PEPT1 (SLC15A1)
  6. Oliver Langer_Studying transporter-mediated drug-drug interactions with PET
  7. Nico Scheer_Transgenic and tissue humanized animal models to study membrane transporters
  8. William W Johnson_Role and influence of trans-membrane transporters in toxicity
  9. Stephan Vavricka_Regulation of transporter expression in inflammatory and hypoxic conditions
  10. Anna-Lena Ungell_Intestinal Transporters: regional profiles, in vitro models and their clinical relevance