Previous Webinars
ICH M12 Draft Guidance on Drug Interaction Studies
Date: June 30 2022; Presenter(s): Noémi Szili, PhD
Gaining Mechanistic Insight in Drug Induced Cholestasis: What Can We Learn from Bile Acid Profiling in Human Hepatocytes?
Date: June 22 2022; Presenter(s): Pieter Annaert, PharmD., PhD
Assessing Drug Interactions Using Solute Carrier (SLC) Biomarkers: A Report from the Front Line
Date: May 12 2022; Presenter(s): David Rodrigues, PhD
Efflux Transporters – Challenges, Failures, and Success Stories
Date: April 06 2022; Presenter(s): Zsuzsanna Gaborik, PhD
Endogenous Biomarkers to Detect Transporter Drug-drug Interactions: the Recent Updates
Date: December 07 2021; Presenter(s): Yurong Lai, PhD
Breast Cancer Resistance Protein (BCRP)-Mediated Drug-Drug Interactions: Clinical Implications and Quantitative Risk Assessment
Date: October 06 2021; Presenter(s): Manthena Varma, PhD
ECCS Class 3A: Interaction of Gabapentin and its Analogues with Transporters – a love-hate relationship
Date: January 28 2021; Presenter(s): Ayman El-Kattan, B. Pharm., PhD
The SLC25 Carrier Family: Important Transport Proteins in Mitochondrial Physiology and Pathology
Date: December 10 2020; Presenter(s): Prof. Edmund Kunji, PhD
Drug Transporters in Human Stem Cells
Date: October 08 2020; Presenter(s): Balázs Sarkadi, PhD, MD
Vitamin Transport in Clinical Toxicities:  Folate and Neural Tube Birth Defects
Date: September 29 2020; Presenter(s): Maciej Zamek-Gliszczynski, PhD
New Insights on Fat-Soluble Vitamin Efflux by the Intestine
Date: July 16 2020; Presenter(s): Emmanuelle Reboul, PhD
The Next Frontier in ADME Science: Predicting and Verifying Tissue Drug Exposure
Date: May 07 2020; Presenter(s): Jashvant D. Unadkat, PhD
Validating and Optimizing In Vitro Assays for Improved DDI Prediction – assay calibration and time-dependent inhibition
Date: October 24 2019; Presenter(s): Péter Tátrai, PhD
Using DILIsym to Predict Hepatotoxicity Risk During Pre-clinical Development
Date: July 25 2019; Presenter(s): Paul Michalski, Ph.D, GSK
Role of Organic Anionic Transporter (OAT2) in the Hepatic Clearance of Anionic/Zwitterionic Drugs – ‘A missing piece of the puzzle’
Date: February 26 2019; Presenter(s): Manthena V. Varma, M.S., Ph.D.
Highlights of ITC3: Clinically-Relevant Transporters, Clinical Probes and DDI Evaluation
Date: January 30 2019; Presenter(s): Maciej J. Zamek-Gliszczynski, Ph.D.
Transporter-Enzyme and Transporter-Transporter Interplay in Predicting Drug Absorption and Disposition
Date: June 21 2018; Presenter(s): Leslie Z. Benet
Rapid and accurate high-throughput in vitro prediction of nephrotoxicity in humans with ProxTox-HTS
Date: March 01 2018; Presenter(s): Dr Daniele Zink
In Vitro PK Studies in a Long-Term Liver Model
Date: December 05 2017; Presenter(s): Dr Nicole A. Kratochwil
Natural Product-Drug Interactions: Case Studies from the NaPDI Center
Date: October 25 2017; Presenter(s): Dr. Mary F. Paine
Application of sandwich-cultured hepatocytes and the B-Clear assay for the IVIVE of hepatic clearance, drug-drug interactions and unbound intracellular drug concentrations
Date: June 21 2017; Presenter(s): Dr. Birk Poller
Sulfate Conjugates as Solute Carrier Transporter Substrates; Probes, Biomarkers, and Utility?
Date: January 03 2017; Presenter(s): Dr. David Rodrigues
Combining transporter data with quantitative systems toxicology modeling (DILIsym) to impact decisions in drug development
Date: December 07 2016; Presenter(s): Dr. Brett Howell, Dr. Kyunghee Yang
The potential of engineered human liver co-cultures in phenotypic drug discovery for liver diseases
Date: June 16 2016; Presenter(s): Dr. Salman Khetani
The utility of microscale human liver co-cultures for investigating drug toxicity outcomes
Date: April 14 2016; Presenter(s): Dr. Salman Khetani
Using micropatterned co-cultures to model human-specific drug metabolism, disposition and drug-drug interactions
Date: March 10 2016; Presenter(s): Dr. Salman Khetani
Engineering Micropatterned Co-cultures for Drug Development
Date: January 21 2016; Presenter(s): Dr. Salman Khetani
The Promises of Quantitative Transporter Proteomics: IVIVE to Precision Medicine
Date: September 03 2015; Presenter(s): Dr. Bhagwat Prasad
Understanding Hepatobiliary Disposition:The Importance of an Integrative Platform in Evaluating Transporter Interactions
Date: June 03 2015; Presenter(s): Dr. Kenneth R. Brouwer, Ph.D.
Predictive cross-species proximal tubule cell models for drug development and safety assessment studies
Date: February 25 2015; Presenter(s): Dr. Colin Brown, Ph.D.
Transporter-­driven Vectorial Transport of Cationic, Anionic, and Zwitterionic Drugs in the Intestine
Date: May 07 2014; Presenter(s): Dr. Dhiren R. Thakker, Ph.D.
Role of inhibition of the bile salt export pump (BSEP) in drug induced liver injury
Date: November 26 2013; Presenter(s): Gerry Kenna, Safety Science Consultant, Macclesfield UK
Imaging of ABC transporters at the blood-brain barrier with positron emission tomography
Date: June 05 2013; Presenter(s): Oliver Langer, PhD
Principles of Transporter Drug Interactions with Special Focus on Hepatic and BBB Transporters
Date: June 25 2012; Presenter(s): Dr. Jashvant (Jash) Unadkat, Ph.D.
Managing Digoxin DDI by the P-gp IC50 working group & Practical methods to assess role of hepatic uptake transporters
Date: October 11 2012; Presenter(s): Caroline A. Lee, PhD