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Hepregen’s application-directed HepatoPac® Kits are in vitro tools used for predicting likely in vivo outcomes with respect to transport and metabolism of drugs and chemicals. Additionally, HepatoPac® toxicology Kits can be used to predict likley in vivo toxicologic outcomes and understand mechanisms of toxicity. HepatoPac® plates contain micropatterned co-cultures (MPCCs) of primary hepatocytes and stromal cells, a unique technology platform that simulates the micro-scale in vivo architecture of the liver: hepatopac Figure 1: schematic representation of Hepatopac® co-cultured hepatocytes and stromal cells (left) and microscopic image of micropatterned hepatocytes surrounded by stromal cells (right). (Courtesy of Hepregen.) Find out more about why architecture matters. The micropatterned architecture of HepatoPac® matures and stabilizes the hepatic phenotype, leading to superior functionality and longevity: hepatopac3 Figure 2: Albumin and urea secretion over the course of four weeks is shown for human micropatterned co-cultures and pure hepatocytes. Error bars represent SEM (n=3). Khetani and Bhatia, Nat Biotech, 26(1), p120-126, 2008 (left) and comparison of Hepatopac co-cultures for metabolite identification studies to other models (right) (Courtesy of Hepregen).


Longevity:enables you to study slowly metabolizing compounds and run chronic dosing tox studies Physiologically relevant:predictive, relevant results Robust:reproducible results Multiple species:HepatoPac® products are available with human, rat, dog or monkey hepatocytes, or in multi- species formats


In collaboration with Ascendance (Hepregen) ,Medford, MA, SOLVO offers the following HepatoPac® products: - Human, Rat and Monkey HepatoPac® o 24- and 96-well plate formats, MetID, Metabolic Stability and Tox kits o HepatoPac® plate(s) (micropatterned primary human hepatocytes and stromal cell co-cultures) o Maintenance and application-specific media and additives - Dog HepatoPac® o 24-well format, MetID kit o HepatoPac® plate(s) (micropatterned primary dog hepatocytes and stromal cell co-cultures) o Maintenance and application-specific media and additives - Multispecies plates o Standard: 12 well human + 12 well rat (Wistar Han or Sprague Dawley) o Customized: available species: human, rat, dog and monkey - Human HepatoMune® o 24- and 96-well plate formats o Tri-culture of primary hepatocytes, stromal cells and Kupffer cells o Maintenance medium for both pre- and post- Kupffer cell augmentation and application-specific medium and additives Contact us for more information on HepatoPac® products and services!
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