TranSelect™ Cryopreserved Cells

Product Cell Line Transporter Technology Membrane Type Probe Substrate Readout Reference Inhibitor Positive Control Dynamic Range
SB-TranSelect-Control Uptake Transporter Assay
SB-TranSelect-MATE1 MATE1
Uptake Transporter Assay
SB-TranSelect-MATE2-K MATE2
Uptake Transporter Assay
SB-TranSelect-OAT1 OAT1
Uptake Transporter Assay
SB-TranSelect-OAT3 OAT3
Uptake Transporter Assay
SB-TranSelect-OATP1B1 OATP1B1
Uptake Transporter Assay
SB-TranSelect-OATP1B3 OATP1B3
Uptake Transporter Assay
SB-TranSelect-OCT1 OCT1
Uptake Transporter Assay
SB-TranSelect-OCT2 OCT2
Uptake Transporter Assay
SB-TranSelect-Supplement Uptake Transporter Assay


Packaged in a convenient thaw-and-use format, SOLVO TranSelect™ enables your lab to study solute carrier (SLC) uptake transporters with industry-leading performance engineered by SOLVO Biotechnology, the pioneer in drug transporter assay development. This new product line aims to complement our traditional PREDICELL™ Kits in the field of ready-to-use uptake transporter assays. The concept of TranSelect™ is simple: cryopreserved transporter-overexpressing and control cells are shipped from SOLVO to your lab at ultralow temperature – in liquid nitrogen vapor or on dry ice – via reliable couriers. Once thawed, you seed the cells into a plate format of choice, keep them in a humidified CO2 incubator overnight, and measure the accumulation of substrate or inhibition of transport 18-24 hours after seeding. To guarantee the high standards required for regulatory studies, cells undergo dual quality control at SOLVO: each batch is tested for viability and transporter activity prior to and after freezing.


TranSelect™ Cryopreserved Cells offer exceptional flexibility and security in planning your experiments.

  • Frozen cells are stored in liquid nitrogen upon receipt and thawed just when you need them. Hence, large batches of cryovials can be ordered at once and used at your convenience, eliminating any uncertainty of shipping and the haste with pre-plated cells.
  • No need to decide on assay layout when you order. Cells can be seeded into any appropriate plate format, and each time you are free to design your assay setup.
  • Dual quality control* ensures reproducible assay performance.

What is delivered to you:

  • Cryovials containing TranSelect™ transporter-overexpressing cells. Matching control cells, recommended for regulatory studies­*­­*, are provided on demand.
  • A proprietary Supplement that maximizes transport performance in adherent TranSelect™ cultures. The Supplement is user-friendly as it is added to the growth medium right when you plate the cells and no exchange of medium after seeding is necessary.
  • All documentation including a detailed User’s Manual with sample transport assay protocols, a Quick Guide, and a lot-specific Product Data Sheet, is downloadable from our web site. To protect our environment no paper printouts are sent by default. Please indicate in your order if you opt to receive printouts.

* Dual Quality Control: each batch is tested for viability and transporter activity prior to and after freezing.

** The assay setup recommended for regulatory studies contains transporter-expressing and control cells seeded in triplicate wells for all conditions to assure a robust and fully controlled design. For more screening-like approaches you may want to order transporter-expressing cells only which can be used with inhibitors as control.

Assay performance

TranSelect™ technology minimizes intra-lot and inter-lot variation, thus ensuring constant assay performance and reproducibility of results. Here, the time-dependent accumulation of tenofovir (Figure 1) and inhibition of OAT1-mediated tenofovir uptake by probenecid (Figure 2) are compared across TranSelect™ OAT1 vials from the same lot as well as vials from different lots.

Figure 1 - TranSelect™ OAT1: TranSelect OAT1 cells exhibit low inter- and intra-lot variability in time-dependent specific accumulation of tenofovir.

Figure 2 - TranSelect™ OAT1: Inhibition of tenofovir transport using TranSelect™ OAT1 cells. Minimal inter- and intra-lot variability was observed, enabling consistent IC50 determinations.

*Competitor OATP1B1 cells require treatment with butyrate that necessitates replacement of growth medium 3-4 hours post seeding. Some cells that have not yet firmly attached may be lost at this step, leading to lower signal. TranSelect™ cells do not require this extra step as the Supplement can be added to the growth medium before seeding.

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