PREDEASY™ ATPase Assay Kits & Controls

Product Cell Line Transporter Technology Membrane Type Probe Substrate Readout Reference Inhibitor Positive Control Dynamic Range Shipping Option
SB mouseBsep HAM PREDEASY™ ATPase Kit Bsep - mouse
ATPase Assay
Sf9-HAM TCDC Spectrophotometry
ATPase Assay
Hi5/Sf9 Verapamil Spectrophotometry
SB ratMdr1b PREDEASY™ ATPase Kit Mdr1b - rat
ATPase Assay
Sf9 Verapamil Spectrophotometry
ATPase Assay
Sf9 Sulfasalazine Spectrophotometry


PREDEASYTM ATPase Assay Kit is a unique product for measuring the ATPase-dependent drug - ABC membrane transporter interaction in a convenient, "ready-to-assay" package. The PREDEASYTM kit delivers major technical improvements over the conventional ATPase assay, such as:
  • Higher sensitivity
  • Shorter incubations
  • Excellent for HTS: higher Z-factor ~0.8
  • Ready to use
  • Lower preparative workload: no weighing powders, no pH adjustments
  • Easier automation
  • Lower cost for each data point generated
PREDEASYTM Kits contain membranes and all reagents (chemicals) and solutions necessary to conduct ATPase activation and inhibition assays. You only have to add water. Each kit comes with a CD that includes the assay protocol, data sheet, MSDS, electronic data processing, evaluation templates and the reference data. The recommended layout allows activation and inhibition measurements in duplicates for 8 concentrations of the test article on one 96-well plate with all of the relevant controls. PREDEASYTM ATPase Assay Kits are available for 3 and 10 plates for the transporters recommended by the FDA and the EMA. Custom size kits are available upon request. For detailed information please CONTACT US. Recommended Applications according to the area of use: - pharmaceutical industry - testing potential drug-drug interactions - food industry - testing potential nutrient-drug interactions, - chemical industry - testing chemical-endogenous compound and drug interactions, - academic institutions - during basic research related to studying the interaction of nutrients, endogenous compounds, chemicals with membrane transporter proteins resulting in modified ADME properties of drug molecules, or causing transporter-related liver injury.


  1. Selective inhibition of MDR1 (ABCB1) by HM30181 increases oral bioavailability and 3 therapeutic efficacy of paclitaxel
    Kwak JO, Lee SH, Lee GS, Kim MS, Ahn YG, Lee JH, Kim SW, Kim KH, Lee MG
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