PREDIVEZ™ Vesicular Transport Reagent Kits

Product Cell Line Transporter Technology Membrane Type Probe Substrate Readout Reference Inhibitor Positive Control Dynamic Range Shipping Option
SB PREDIVEZ™ VT Reagent Kit for MDR1/P-gp MDR1/P-gp
Vesicular Transport Assay
N-Methyl Quinidine or 3H-N-Methyl Quinidine Liquid Scintillation or LC/MS From EU
SB PREDIVEZ™ VT Reagent Kit for MRP2, MRP3, and MRP5 MRP2
Vesicular Transport Assay
CDCF Fluorescent From EU
Vesicular Transport Assay
Lucifer Yellow Fluorescent From EU


The Vesicular Transport Assay is a simple and powerful tool to investigate drug transporter interactions. It provides information on interactions between the ABC transporter and the drug candidate that would affect the transport of the fluorescent, radiolabeled, or cold substrate. Beside membranes and appropriate control membranes SOLVO Biotechnology offers the PREDIVEZTM Vesicular Transport Reagent kits as a tool for Vesicular Transport Assays. The PREDIVEZTM Vesicular Transport Reagent kit contains the sufficient amount of reagents for testing 9 compounds. The membranes and appropriate control membranes are not included; they are available separately. You may find the associated assay protocols, Excel spreadsheets with a data processing templates, MSDS files and the inhibition curves with reference compounds on our website. SOLVO offers the P-gp/MDR1 transporter using either radiolabeled or cold NMQ as a probe substrate. Both the hot and the cold version require the SB MDR1/P-gp PREDIVEZTM VT Reagent Kit but for the hot version the radiolabeled NMQ has to be ordered and shipped separately. The kit is available in one size but custom sizes are available upon request.
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