Caco-2 Monolayer Assay

Service Cell Line Transporter Technology Membrane Type Probe Substrate Read Out Reference Inhibitor Positive Control Dynamic Range


Monolayers based on Caco-2 cells (a human colon carcinoma cell line) express a wide range of transporter proteins on its cell membranes similar to those of intestinal endothelium cells (Siissalo S et al. 2007, Calcagno AM et al. 2006), thus this cell line is ideal for intestinal absorption simulations. In fact, in the last decade, the utilization of Caco-2 cells has become an industry standard for the investigation of intestinal absorption, permeability and drug-drug interactions (DDIs) (Oh DM et al. 2002.).

Studies available:

  • Passive permeability in Caco-2
  • MDR1 substrate assesment in Caco-2
  • BCRP substrate assessment in Caco-2
  • Inhibitor assessment in Caco-2: Drug-Drug Interaction studies: MDR1 and BCRP
  • Caco-2 studies can be performed in different setups. SOLVO offers a number of standard setups, which differ in terms of the derivable information and cost. These standard setups serve as starting points to define the optimal final study parameters. All setups contain a standard number of controls (e.g. low permeability, high permeability, transporter function)

Setups available:

1. Basic - Studies at one concentration
2. Extended - Studies at several concentrations, more controls
3. FDA Guidelines - Studies according to FDA draft guidance (2006)

These setups can be customized to suit your needs.

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